Reasons Colonists Won the War

One thing that helped colonists win the Revolutionary War was having support from the Spanish, the Dutch, and the French because they all wanted the English to lose. So those countries helped the Colonists in any way they could. Eventually, colonists declared war on the British and joined with the French In their fight that lead to victory. Having help from all of them made their victory a lot easier.

Another advantage they had was distance. Across the Atlantic Ocean 3,000 miles away is where Great Britain was located. When the British needed supplies they had to bring their supplies across the Atlantic and ships took three weeks to get across the Atlantic. For example, if you wanted weapons you would have to wait a month to get them.
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Other resolutions: 320 × 203

The third advantage was Great Britain didn’t have enough reinforcements to send to fight. They had a large Navy but their army that they sent was still very small. With that said the king hired German soldiers to help fight in the colonies, called Hessians. They were paid to fight, that's called being a mercenary. The colonists were upset that the king hired other people to fight. This made the colonists even more eager to win.

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