Colonial & British Strategies to Win the War

During the revolutionary war the Colonists were doomed to lose, the British army was 100 time stronger and more organized than the colonists. So how did the Colonists manage to defeat the British with the little supplies they had? The Colonists were
poor and couldn’t support their own soldiers but they were fighting for something they wanted, freedom. The British were only fighting to keep their land, so that they could expand their empire and make more money

Colonial Strategiescontinental_soldier-3.jpg
The Colonists may not have been a strong army but they were smart about their attacks on the British. The British lived 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean, so the British did not know the land as well as the Colonists. The British also had to wait three months just for supplies to reach the colonies, so they had to put limits on the amount of food they ate. But the Colonists didn’t have supplies either. One way the Colonists got supplies was by dragging the British out of their forts to fight. The colonist would take over the fort while the British were gone and take everything. During the war the Colonists had to get help and supplies from allies. The French, Dutch and Spanish disapproved British and wanted them to lose. Their main ally was the French. The French joined during the Battle of Saratoga. The Colonists were really struggling to keep the British out of Boston until they got their hands on cannons from Ticonderoga. 60


tons worth of cannons were dragged by Henry Knox and his men from New York 300 miles to Boston in the winter. The Colonists fired the cannons at the British in Boston and reclaimed the land and winning the Battle of Bunker Hill. With these war strategies the Colonists were able to take down the British and declare independence from the British. These short simple war strategies helped the Colonists win the Revolutionary War.

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The British did a lot to keep the colonies under their control, but they failed. Just because the British failed doesn’t mean they had bad strategies during the war, in fact they had some great striates that the Colonists didn’t have. The main goal the British had was to capture the colonies and force them to surrender, but the Colonists fought back and would not let the British in. The British knew they would needed a bigger army because their army was strong but it was too small for King George the third, so they hired slaves and German soldiers called Hessians to fight for them. The British also needed to have a constant supply of food, so they payed colonial farmers gold and silver to give the soldiers food. When the French joined the war the British really was starting to lose, but the British started to focus on attacking the southern colonies and take back some of their forts. The southern colonies only had weak local militia to defend the southern colonies so the British really stepped up and were able to keep fighting. These strategies are what kept the British in the war for a long time, but they just couldn't go on any farther.