John Paul Jones & the Battle of the Bonhomme Richard & Serapis

John Paul Jones started a naval career at age 13. After being on a couple of ships that had slave-trades, he did not wanna be apart of it because he noticed it was cruel.

external image T8XTweXa3BOnu1NVVxTZWuQtQqvObCr6EqJr8PSsGStpBVZTexRVw7jmxISdvj4QyeJtVIibSPOTlFUF_mxGCkklea9N46-FkJmTDnlgPlSH6oj29x7c6adz0TOIGRoDkzmK3s4-When American Revolution broke out John Paul Jones went to Philadelphia to take command a position on a ship of the continental navy. In 1779 John Paul took power of his own ship which he called the Bonhomme Richard. John Paul Jones quickly went to the top of the charts, and was known everywhere.


In 1778 he took captive of The Drake, which was a british warship. When he was at war with the British, his ship was badly damaged because of the British. His enemies asked if he was ready to surrender, but Paul Jones replied with: “I have not begun to fight yet.” He then continued to ram his ship into the enemies and tied both of the ships to make one ship. The British later surrendered, and John Paul Jones won the war.