Good Design... Things to consider.

Wiki Norms:
  • Be appropriate.
  • Be respectful.
  • Do your best work.


  • Keep fonts and styles consistent by using the default font/style or templates when available.
  • Limit changes in color, font, alignment.
  • Left-align text in pages.
  • Single-space within pages. Use bullets, numbered lists, or the line tool if you need clearer delineation.
  • Follow the format of the templates throughout the wiki.
  • Words on letter pages should be lower case (unless it's a proper noun).
  • Words on letter pages should be in alphabetical order.
  • Limit images and animations on pages.
  • Only links should be underlined. Use italics to designate book titles.
  • When linking outside the wiki, open in a new page.

Design - What do you think?

Here are 2 websites with the same basic content. Notice the differences between them. One has a more clean and simple design where the content is the star of the show. With a "busy" design, you may unintentionally distract your audience away from the content. Some images, animations, formatting changes are good. These are the things that make a page more intriguing to your audience. But always remember, sometimes "less is more." You know your audience... Perhaps find a happy median between "less" and "more."

Collaborative Content

  • Define your audience.
  • Write for your audience.
  • Don't copy from a source and paste it into the Wiki. Read, summarize, and put ideas in your own words. Others will help make it better!
  • Don't delete existing information and replace it with your own. Merge your ideas with the existing ideas to make it better.
  • Add pictures that are appropriate for the topic and the audience.
  • Use copyright-free images
  • Add links, but make sure they are quality links that are appropriate for your audience and topic.