Boston tea party.jpgBoston Tea Party

The Tea Act was tax on all imported British tea, created after the Townshend Act had failed. After the Tea Act was commissioned, the colonists were furious. They instantly saw this as another tax for them to pay. They decided to protest by not unloading ships that brought tea in the Boston harbor. Soon enough, ships full of tea chests and other British goods came to the Boston harbor, and the people refused to unload it. But, Governor Thomas Hutchinson refused to let any boats leave until it was unloaded. On December 16,1773, in retaliation, the Sons of Liberty(a group of colonists that promoted getting rid of the taxes by the king), including John Adams and Paul Revere, dressed as natives, went on to a massive boat that had imported tea to the docks, and threw hundreds of chest overboard into the harbor. Not quite the way the governor had wanted it unloaded. This was called the John Adam’s Act, later dubbed the Boston Tea party. Unfortunately, this only angered the king more,which led to the Intolerable Acts.

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