1st Continental Congress

The First Continental Congress was an english government who was taking over the american colonies with laws that weren’t seen as much. They met from September 5th to October 26th 1774 in Carpenter’s Hall. Carpenter’s Hall is located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. The reason they met is because the colonists felt that England was taking away colonial rights and liberties from them. So, the Delegates had a resolution to ban the importing goods from Great Britain. September 6th 1774, people who had been a representative for the thirteen colonies, at the Carpenter’s Hall in Philadelphia to start the First Continental Congress.

alaynacongress.jpegThe Congress was attended by 55 delegates appointed by the legislatures of twelve of the thirteen colonies.

The First Continental Congress called a conference and met in Carpenter’s Hall in Philadelphia.
They met on September 5 1774. The meetings lasted until October 26, 1774.

Representatives from all the thirteen American colonies, except far-off and thinly settled Georgia, assembled at Carpenter's Hall in Philadelphia to begin the business of the First Continental Congress.
Some people who attended this meeting were: George Washington, Peyton Randolph, Patrick Henry, Richard Henry Lee who lead for Virginia, John and Samuel Adams who lead for Massachusetts, John Dickinson and Joseph Galloway who lead for Pennsylvania, and many more for the other colonies.